Rising floodwaters forced police to close 25 roads in Bangkok to traffic.

Two of the roads were closed Sunday. They are Watcharapol Road from Persmin Intersection to the Rattanakosin Sompote Road and Permsin Road, which links Soi Phaholyothin 54/1 to Sukhapibal 5 Road.

Thirteen of the closed roads are in northern Bangkok and twelve in western Bangkok.

The 25 closed roads are:

Wat Suan Dok Chiang Mai

Wat Suan Dok Chiang Mai

  • The grounds of this temple were originally royal botanical gardens.
  • Way Suan Dok was founded in 1371 when King Ku Na ordered the construction of the temple and chedi to house a holy relic that the monk Sumana had discovered following a vision. Upon its entombment in the main chedi it reportedly split into two pieces. One piece was buried at this wat, and the other at Wat Doi Suthep.
The saw duang  (String instrument) is a bowed string instrument used in traditional Thai music. it has a higher pitch than a saw u.It has a hardwood soundbox covered on the playing end with python skin.so(1).jpg





BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thailand's worst floods in five decades are bearing down on the capital just as the high season for tourism gets under way, putting this year's official target of 19 million visitors in doubt, government and tourist officials said on Tuesday.

Even before Bangkok's Don Muang airport said it would have to close temporarily, Tourism Minister Chumphol Silpa-archa said tourist arrivals could be 500,000 to 1 million below target.

"We have to assess the situation again, after the floods recede," Chumphol said. "Some foreign tourists still want to travel to destinations outside Bangkok. Some can fly directly from their country."

"Tom Kah Gai" (Coconut milk soup)

Note: the following recipe is for chicken, but any meat can be substituted! Tom Kah can be served as part of a meal, or can be a meal in itself.

16 oz chicken broth
4 lime leaves
2 inch piece lemon grass
1-inch piece galangal ("kah") sliced thinly.
4 tablespoons fish sauce
2 tablespoons lime juice
4 oz chicken breast, cut into small bite sized pieces
5 fl ounces coconut milk
X pinch of red chili powder
X cilantro leaves (as a garnish)

After you have heated the chicken broth, add in all of the ingredients except for the chicken and coconut milk. Bring to a boil, then add the remaining two ingredients. Let it boil for 2 minutes, until the chicken is done, then bring it down to a simmer for a few minutes.
and you're done!

enjoy your meal :D

A. Nok

Evacuation centres upcountry will be able to shelter about 103,000 more flood victims from Greater Bangkok, according to the Flood Operations Centre.  

Thai Marriage

Thai wedding generally consists of two parts: the legal part and the ceremonial part. These are done separately. There is no requirement of government documentation to have a religious ceremony, which is most common with Thai people. This is considered by many to be the real wedding. 

Exodus in full swing


Flights packed and traffic jams reported on roads leaving Bangkok; Pattaya, Hua Hin, Cha-am, Kanchanaburi main destinations; 1,000 bus trips added to carry more passengers



Situation Update: Flooding in Thailand

Thailand-map-s.gifOver the past several weeks, seasonal rains that are heavier than usual have resulted in widespread flooding in Thailand. While the flooding is having some impact on tourism, most key tourist destinations and attractions throughout Thailand have not been affected by the floods and almost all remain open. The floods are mainly affecting the provinces in central Thailand and a few provinces in the north and northeast.  Provinces in the south of Thailand have not been affected by the floods.  Ayutthaya has been the only tourist destination widely affected by the floods, while other provinces where tourists generally go have been slightly impacted.

Major tourist destinations such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lampang, Sukhothai, Kanchanaburi, Ratchaburi, Pattaya, Ko Chang, Rayong, Phuket, Krabi, Trang, Ko Samui, and all provinces in southern Thailand are experiencing normal weather conditions.


All airports in Thailand, including Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, have not been affected by the floods and are operating as per usual. Suvarnabhumi Airport has considerable flood protection measures in place and officials are monitoring the situation closely.

Bangkok-based animal welfare organisation TREAT is rescuing and treating animals in distress, as a large number of animals are left behind.

What is Thai Culture like?

Do Smile: Thailand is known as the land of smiles. Thais do not necessarily smile about something like we do in the west. They smile for a variety of other reasons too. To say hello or thank you, to make a request, to apologize, to smooth over bad feelings or to show embarrassment. 

Ko Si Chang.

Ko Si Chang, a famous place and time; Si Chang is a famous resort for hundreds of years until now. Natural beauty is different from other tourist attractions. The atmosphere is peaceful. Fresh air and scenic attractions. Ko Si Chang is an important local history as it is applied in the presence of King Rama 4 to 3 He was the reign of King Rama 5 and 6, which is evidence of many of his title reign, and he ordered five. The building is the first court on the island. To seal a place in the summer and the royal court review called the Jutha Tuch. The name of a son born on the island of Ko Si Chang Si Chang is the status of a district of Manila. Sriracha is located approximately 12 kilometers from the coast of Koh Si and Koh Samui with another 8 small island is Koh Tao island, bats her eyes, thousand island, the island of Koh Kham, Koh Kham Noi, Koh Prong Interview blade spun. And the Isle of Flowers. The park is an island at international and cargo ships that travel in the local atmosphere. You can drop in any one day or stay overnight.





Global electronics firms expect supply disruption caused by flooding in Thailand to continue for several quarters and the Thai operations of Japan's Toshiba Corporation are expected to resume in January at the earliest, executives said.

Toshiba has had to halt operations at nine production plants at the Bangkadi Industrial Park and another plant at the Nava Nakorn estate, both in badly flooded Pathum Thani province to the north of Bangkok.

Bangkadi Industrial Park is the major production center in Southeast Asia for Toshiba Corporation. Its factories make home appliances, semiconductors and lighting products.

"We expect to resume operations in January at the earliest," Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, chairwoman of Toshiba Thailand, told Reuters. "We're talking about 45 days after the water recedes. But whether we achieve that is still in question."

Mr. Kobkarn, also chairwoman of the Bangkadi estate, which Toshiba owns, said a Toshiba plant in Nonthaburi province was still operating as normal.

Seagate Technology's operations in Thailand are running as normal and its production is not constrained by either internal component supplies or by its ability to assemble finished products, it said in an emailed response to Reuters queries.

But it still faces problems.

Don Mueang breached


Airlines forced to suspend services from airport, some flights diverted to Suvarnabhumi; FROC to maintain HQ at Don Mueang, but 3,000 flood victims will be evacuated

Festival running buffalo.

Festival running buffalo.

Running buffalo tradition. Is traditionally held every year in the 14 lunar months, 11 days before the end of Buddhist Lent is traditionally a heritage. The ancestors to the present. Reimbursement for the buffalo and the buffalo to rest. From the stomach of. To be consistent with the belief that If any year, no. Buffalo buffalo ran that year, it is very contagious. To express gratitude to the buffalo, the animal needed to do the job. In order to meet the same villagers. Most work in the municipal register. Bung district. But the same people. Known locally.But now it's tradition, a tradition I hope Buffalo City. Famous is known far and wide, both Thai and foreigners. 

In the tradition of running buffalo. Buffalo Run is a tradition associated with it. Superstition at that. If the one Buffalo illness. Buffalo should be the owner of the buffalo. On the satyr. And when it is usually required to run a votive offering in the next few years, the villagers brought their buffalo running free, but early in order to prevent illness. 

The Buddhist belief in it. Of the villagers were gathered together. In the Ram Temple in Chon Buri Buffalo to put artificial Ecrืeagkanฑs someone you were at the temple. Adjacent to wait for a sermon preached during these skirts. As a child I had a buffalo. Buffalo to take his bath at the temple pond. When people take their buffalo, they were there. Buffalo won the tournament going on. To test the health, strength and competition in the early stages, it is only the buffalo when running in a given and do not fall out of the buffalo, I believe that running buffalo have been developed up there running around the market. At the end of Buddhist Lent Festival, a day before the free market people will wait to see the buffalo, the buffalo ran a beautifully decorated and very exquisite buffalo ran into a tradition. 


Koh Lan (Island of Thailand)


Koh Lan is one of the Eastern Seaboard islands of Thailand.

Koh Lan is the largest of the "Near Islands" off south Pattaya. It is located at the SE end of the Bay of Bangkok,on the eastern side of the Gulf Of Siam. Administratively Koh Lan belongs to the Amphoe Bang Lamung, Choburi Province.

Koh Lan lies 8 km away from the nearest shore and it is about 4 km in length. It is a hilly island, covered with low tropical forest; its highest point reaches 205 m and there is a Buddhist shrine on top of the mountain. The island has two small villages on it: Ban Ko Lan and Ban Krok Makhan where there are lodgings and restaurants. There are ferries connecting Ko Lan to the mainland. Some local tour operators in nearby Pattaya organize picnic and snorkelling excursions to Ko Lan because there is a relaxed atmosphere and beaches with clear water. The ferry ride takes about 40 minutes. Ferries leave south Pattaya Bali Hai pier daily from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm, the one-way fare is 30 Baht.The return ferry leaves Koh Lan's Na Ban Beach at 06.30 am to 6:00 pm.

Eating & Ordering Thai Food

Eating & Ordering Thai Food

    Thai food is eaten with a fork and spoon. Even single dish meals such as fried rice with pork, or steamed rice topped with roasted duck, are served in bite-sized slices or chunks obviating the need for a knife. The spoon is used to convey food to the mouth. Ideally, eating Thai food is a communal affair involving two or more people, principally because the greater the number of diners the greater the number of dishes ordered. 

マッサージ & スパ


Bangkok at flood crisis

Bangkok flood has escalated into a crisis and the unfolding situation must be monitored minute by minute, Defence Minister Yuthasak Sasiprapha said on Tuesday.




้How to make Crab Fried Rice.

Crab Fried Rice.

Food - How to make fried rice, crab simple. With food and raw materials readily available.

Crab Fried Rice How to Make it Easy. With food and raw materials readily available. 
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เครื่องปรุงข้าวผัดปู ข้าวสวย เนื้อปูกระป๋อง หัวหอมใหญ่ กระเทียม ต้นหอม ซีอิ้วขาว น้ำมันหอย น้ำตาลทราย น้ำมันพืชGarnish. 
5 cups cooked rice. 
2 cans of canned crab meat. 
2 large cloves of garlic cloves. 
Onion 1 / 4 head. 
The onion 3. 
4 tablespoons oyster sauce. 
Soya sauce (or fish sauce) 2 tbsp. 
1 tablespoon sugar. 
2 tablespoons vegetable oil. 
Eggs 3 eggs. 

Side dishes 
Tomatoes, 1 goal. 
Lemon juice 1 goal. 
An early lettuce.

Lyrics for Loykratong

November full moon shineLoy kratong Loy kratong,And the water's high in the river and the klong,

Loy Krathong is a beautiful Thai festival that many people look forward to every year. It is on the full moon night during November which this year falls on Sunday 21st November 2010 in Thailand. Students at our school have been busy making little "krathongs" which they will float on the river or canal near their house on Sunday. Some students may even just float their "krathong in a bucket of water while they make a wish! It doesn't really matter. 

Bangkok remains on high alert as water continues to seep into northern parts of the city.

In its latest attempt to save the economic heart of Bangkok, late last week the authorities opened floodgates to relieve pressure on dams and levees and send the floodwater toward the sea. 

But in a report in Sunday's Bangkok Post , experts warned that water from the central plains is increasing pressure on the city's outer flood barriers and inner city canals, potentially leading to flooding across many major districts in the city.

Do you know the Chiangrai Province?

This is located on the city outskirts, beside the northern road to Mae Chan, and honours the monarch who founded Chaing Rai in 1262.





Koh Tao (Turtle Island)


           Have you ever been to Turtle Island?
           The island is well known for scuba diving and snorkeling. Also offers some hiking, rock climbing and bouldering. The most popular place for tourists is Sairee on the West coast, which has a white sandy beach of 1.7 km interrupted only by a few huge boulders and a scattering of medium budget resorts and restaurants. Chalok Baan Khao, to the south of the island is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative for those wishing to escape the crowds. A multitude of beautiful granite boulders, which nestle both in the forests and on the beaches of Ko Tao, attract a growing number of climbers who visit each year to enjoy the adventurous aspect of their sport.





Cars parked on flyovers congest traffic


Traffic in Bangkok was congested yesterday morning as the main waterworks canal overflowed in certain spots late on Wednesday and people living nearby moved their vehicles to elevated roads and flyovers.

Thai Students and Their Teachers


All of the students at my school took part in the annual Wai Khru Ceremony today. The students presented their teachers with flowers and said "thank you" to them for giving them knowledge. In return, the teachers gave them a blessing which the students believe will give them good luck for the coming academic year. 


Have you ever try?

Boil a large pot of water. Stuff the body of the chicken with scallion and ginger. Add chicken to boiling water, breast side-down. Lower the heat to a simmer just under boiling point and cook, covered until just cooked through, about 40 minutes. Bathe the chiken in an ice water bath till chicken is cold to create a nice texture. Heat oil in a rice cooker, add garlic, stir fry till fragrant. Add uncookded rice, stir fry for two minutes, add salt and enough chicken soup to cover 1/2 inch above the top of the rice. Boil on high heat, lower heat when steam holes form, cover and steam for 30 minutes till rice is cooked. Chop chicken and serve with steaming hot rice and chili sauce. Dark soy sauce is the ideal accompaniment.

Thai Food Glossary

Thai food is one of the most tasteful food in the world and you may wonder what are some of those flavorful food. So the following are some of the most popular Thai food.  This is really helpful for those who want to taste Thai food but don't know how to say. Anyway here you go!!!

Thai Soup menus (súp) ซุป

Mild soup with vegetables & pork (kaeng jèut) แกงจืด

Mild soup with vegetables, pork & bean curd (kaeng jèut tâo-hûu) แกงจืดเต้าหู้

Soup with chicken, galanga root & coconut (tôm khàa kài) ต้มข่าไก่

Prawn & lemon grass soup with mushrooms (tôm yum goong) ต้มยำกุ้ง

Fish -ball soup (kaeng jèut lûuk chín) แกงจืดลูกชิ้น

Rice soup with fish / chicken / shrimp (khâo tôm plaa / kài / kûng) ข้าวต้มปลา / ไก่ / กุ้ง

The Ancient City

The Ancient City is the door opening to the heritage of Thai wisdom. With a wide range of architectural symbols combined with fine arts and craftsmanship, structural layout and natural environment that integrate harmoniously, The Ancient City creates kind of atmosphere that induces visitors to perceive and appreciate the continuity of history, cultures, religions, arts and customs of Thai people from dawn until now.




Guide to the flood situation.

Flood events that occurred many years ago, has been damage to life and Assets of individuals and agencies in the area flooded. The state agency that is responsible for the management, protection and restoration. Critical infrastructure systems first. May not be able to help people immediately. So people should be ready to prepare a place to check for flood protection. And relief to occur.                        

Preparation before the flood.

Self-defense and the loss from flooding. Should be prepared in advance. If you wait for the alarm time is often not enough. Know your flood. For agencies with flood management. With the following questions.
- Within a neighborhood in years. What was the highest flood.
- We can estimate the speed of water or mud or not.
- We will have an early warning before the water arrives at it.
- We will get a warning, however.
- Any road. In this neighborhood to be flooded or have obstructions.

The deal for the next flood.

1. Calculable damage will happen to your assets in the event of flooding.
2. Familiarize yourself with the warning systems of the agencies involved and the evacuation of refugees.
3. Learn the safest route. From a high security area.
4. Prepare to get a portable radio. Emergency source of food, cooking equipment and flashlights. The battery backup.
5. The people who live in areas vulnerable to flooding. Should be prepared materials such as sandbags, plastic sheets, nails, wood glue, silicone pads to protect homes. You should know the source of the object to be used.
6. Cars and vehicles to be stored in areas where the water does not flood.
7. Consultation and agreement with the insurance company. About the damage deposit.
8. 'Phone numbers for emergency and keep it as friendly.
9. The collection of the necessary food supplies to be used. If after a flood in a safe and high water levels are expected to be flooded.
10. Make a list of all valuable assets. Photo or video stored as evidence.
11. Keep a record of assets. Important documents and other valuables. In a safe location away from home or away from the water to a safe deposit box at a bank or post office.
12. I plan to tackle flooding And document the evidence that can be easily observed. And equipped with the appropriate flood your home.


Central Thailand People

Classic Siamese Theatre

Central Thailand People

The inhabitants of Central Thailand after the prehistoric period were the Austro-Asiatic speakers, the Mon and the Khmer. Then came the Tai tribes and their principal group was the Siamese Tai. There are pockets of Mon speakers today but most tribes merged to produce a diverse looking nation.

Kho Kradan

Island ...

This island.

The island is a beautiful island of Trang. With an area of ​​600 acres, 5 of 6 parts of the island. Under the responsibility of Hat Chao Mai National Park. the rest are privately owned rubber and coconut plantations. Including restaurants and lodging for tourists. The highlight of the island. The beaches are white sand like flour. And clear water and see a coral reef which stretches from the beach in the north to the coast. The colorful fish swim gracefully. The popular surfing behind a small island. I have a big wave. Roll toward the beach, a wave splashed around. Ideal for surfing. Island on the west side of Koh Mook. and island. The travel time from Pak Meng. about 1 hour 40 minutes.

There are four beaches around the island is the most beautiful islands of Trang Sea. The other islands around the family. The beach is white sand, clear water and see the fine lines under the surface of the water. The beaches on the north side. The reef stretches out to sea. A shallow coastal reefs.

Beaches on the islands.

  • Island beach. Is the location of the park protection unit. In the east of the island. There are about 2 km long beach in front of the beach. Popular for snorkeling. The length along the beach. From the beach, overlooking the island and the island of Ko Muk island ring ropes and can see the sunrise as well.
  • Hong Niang beach. Located south of the park protection unit. It is 800 meters long white sand beach in front of tourists snorkeling. This is along the beach. This beach can be seen from the island.
  • Ao Phai. Located north of the park protection unit. It is 200 meters long white sand beach in front of the beach without reefs. Can be seen on the island ring ropes Koh Mook Island can enjoy the beautiful sunsets.
  • Ao Chong Lom. Located west of the island. Beyond the protection of the park about 800 meters away, walking up the hill to watch the sunset. Rock Island was clearly visible.






King Mongkut Rama IV

King Mongkut Rama IV
  • King Mongkut was a different generation of King compared to the first Chakri Kings who were, by necessity, men of war. He was born in October 1804 as the son of Rama 11. Notwithstanding he was the first in line to the succession upon the death of his father, the nobility supported his brother Nangklao to be the next King, so Mongkut entered the Buddhist priest hood for the next 27 years. During this time he studied Latin and English and western sciences such as astronomy.

The Erawan Museum.

Have you ever caught the eyes? When headed to Samut Prakarn on Sukhumwit Road. What is the most noticeable landmark in that area? Yes! THE THREE-HEADED ELEPHANT. The size and the structure attract tons of people to worship it. In fact, it is a museum.
Inside the huge three-headed elephant and its round base is a museum, Erawan Museum. The three storeys inside the elephant contain antiquities and priceless collection of ancient religious objects of Kun Lek Viriyapant who is the museum owner. He is also the owner of the Ancient City and The Sanctuary of truth. It started from his friend's idea of apple-shaped construction, symbol of western religion, inspired him to build this building in the form of Erawan elephant, symbol of eastern religion.


48 hours: Deadline Bangkok


In a televised solemn flood warning by Bangkok governor Sukhumbhand Palibatra last night, Bangkok residents are advised to stay clam and keep monitoring the situation in the next 48 hours, when the next statement is possible if not flash flood.


Building concrete or sandbag barriers and using roads as embankment walls are not necessarily the right solutions because outlets are needed for water to drain away, an Asia Institute of Technology researcher said yesterday.

Government on the back foot


Evacuation of workers from sixth industrial estate raises fears, Yingluck govt may not be able to prevent Bangkok from being swamped



  • メニュー豊富なタイ料理はもちろん、和食や各国料理店が充実。1食あたりの料金も和食レストランの昼定食で180バーツ(約500円)程度と、安価です。
  • 野菜や果物、肉類などほとんどの生鮮がタイ国産で、市場では珍しいものや新鮮なものが大変安く手に入ります。日本の野菜も生産されており、こちらはスーパーマーケットなどで購入が可能。
  • タイのお米は日本のものと異なりますが、北部では日本米も栽培されており、日本食材店などで取り扱われています。


A government panel, tasked with rehabilitating the business community, expects the floods to shave off the country's gross domestic production growth forecast by 1-1.7 percentage points this year. Help is being sought from commercial banks for financial assistance.

Thai Food Culture and Table Manners

Thailand isn't just the Land of Smiles, it is every bit the Land of Gourmet Food as well. Thai table manners and a way the dishes are prepared and served, have its own distinct course. 

Normally, in restraurants serving the Thai food one will be given a spoon and fork for the main meal, and a short spoon with small bowl used for soups. No knifes, since the Thai food is whether already cut down into small enough pieces, or could be easily sliced by spoon. The idea is to eat with a spoon in your right hand and a fork in your left to help push foods onto the spoon. Chopsticks are typically served when ordering noodle dishes. Naturally, one will be given a knife and fork when ordered steaks or similar western food dishes.

Bang Pu Seaside Resort.

If you are sick and tired of the traffic and pollution of Bangkok, then you might want to consider heading down to Bang Pu Seaside Resort in Samut Prakan for a bit of bird watching and a sunset dinner. 

Khao Sok - Rat Beach Praphasri dam

Khao Sok - Rat Beach Praphasri dam. Khao Sok National Park.

Rat dams Praphasri Beach. Khao Sok National Park was proclaimed on December 22, 2523, called Khao Sok National Park has an area of 645.52 square kilometers or 403,450 acres of state is generally a complicated limestone mountain. The vertical cliffs of the mountain, which is a characteristic of this region is similar to the mountain in Krabi. Khao Sok National Park. There are extensive areas of interest include a tourist attraction. Rat dams, caves, coral reefs through the water channel Praphasri cave waterfall cave, a waterfall, wild yam is a mother and several waterfalls. Click for details. Points of Interest link below.

Rat dams Beach Praphasri or affectionately known that Guilin to Thailand. The most outstanding attractions of Khao Sok National Park. General view within the reservoir above the dam, Rat Beach Praphasri scenery is very beautiful to see all the great tourist attractions. The terrain is generally steep limestone mountain surrounded by a vast ocean. With the depth of the water level. To copy the color of the Taacrgngm the water beneath the dam is a dark color like emerald. Tourists as many of you think that is the sea. Topography The topography is similar to Guilin in China. It is known that Guilin to Thailand. The Christmas Rush Praphasri dam is the beautiful scenery. Area surrounding the dam also has many tourist attractions such as water through the cave is a cave with a stream running through the forest and to visit. Walking distance atmosphere within walking distance. Path is not difficult. Caves, coral reefs, it is interesting and accessible to walk away like water through the cave. Vantage point as a point of interest. On which he must climb the trail up to the point of view when looking down at the small islands in the area surrounding the reservoir.

Location.   Khao Sok National Park. In the province of Surat Thani. Territory covers an area of high mountains. In Takua Pa district, Phang Nga, Surat Thani Province to the National Highway No. 401 Khao Sok National Park is divided into two major areas of their dams, rapids or dams Rat Beach Prapaporn. Which is located 57-58 km along Highway 401 is 51 km away from the area of Khao Sok National Park. Which is located at km 109 on the same street. It was the only area of Khao Sok National Park is a forest. After the Electricity Generating Authority of the many rapids and dams to generate electricity, thus making some areas a water storage dam. And also in care by Khao Sok National Park.

Khao Sok National Park is a tourist attraction as a tourism area has two types of travel by land. Or hiking and river tour. Or a scenic cruise down the river above the dam, both of these tourist areas are located approximately 51 kilometers by road or 65 km from the dam.


No red, yellow conflict at Don Mueang


The volunteer spirit is strong out there at Don Mueang Airport's Domestic Terminal, which has been turned into a flood relief centre by both the government and civic groups - but poor coordination continued as of yesterday, nearly a week after the centre was set up.

Phra Samut Chedi Temple Fair!



The main event of the year is the Phra Samut Chedi Temple Fair which is held on both sides of the river. This is a celebration of the chedi for nine days and nine nights commencing the fifth waning moon day of the 11th lunar month. This is usually in October. In preparation for this important event, many people work together in sewing a large red cloth to wrap around the chedi.

The event starts with a parade on the east bank of the river. Students from all around the province take part. Starting at the City Hall, the red cloth and the large parade winds itself through the streets of Samut Prakan before ending back at the river. Here the red cloth is transported upriver to Phra Pradaeng where the local people there have an opportunity to pay their respects. The journey ends at Phra Samut Chedi, about four hours after it started. Here, the cloth is ceremoniously paraded clockwise around the temple three times. Members of the Rungjaeng family are the only ones allowed to climb up the steep chedi to wrap the sacred cloth around it.

thai shadow puppets

Shadow puppet (Thai: Nang Talung) was one form of public entertainment in the south of Thailand. It is still very popular at village festivals, temple fairs and celebrations such as marriages, etc. Its characters are made from intricately cut - out and articulated shapes of leather. They are delicately coloured, but this does not show during a performance as the puppets appear only in shadow against a white sheet, with light shining through from behind. They are manipulated with rods control movements of the arms.





Prachuap Khiri Khan

The province of Prachuap Khiri Khan boasts stunning coastline along the Gulf of Thailand which includes some lovely beaches. The province is bordered to the north by Phetburi and to the south by Chumphon. This is where Thailand slims down to its skinniest--at one point only 11 km separates Burma to the west and the Gulf of Thailand to the east.

Wat Rong Khun in Chiang Rai.

Wat Rong Khun in Chiang Rai.
Tourist attractions. Travel Travel

Wat Rong Khun.

Wat Rong Khun temple is a beautiful, distinctive from other measurements. The design workmanship. A. Construction of a famous artist Chalermchai Kosit prosperity. As a measure of the home. Created by the imagination of the teacher. The Buddhist art is great. Visit one of the most amazing and beautiful.
A. Chalermchai Kosit prosperity inspired to build this temple are three reasons for the nation, religion and monarchy. The professor says.
It is the desire to give life. The best moments of their own. Creation of Buddhist art. The reign of the routine. His Majesty the King. And will give life to death measurements "(from the documentation of Wat Rong Khun), the beauty of this temple is the" church "because I wanted to invent the like fairyland. Is no place on earth where man can feel like a home church of the Lord Buddha, the white glass, white innocence means that you are the Buddha of the Buddha's wisdom to shine upon you all over the earth and the universe.
Means walking across the bridge towards Wanฏsgsar Buddhist landscape. The small semi-circle before the bridge was a large man with a mouth of a serpent's tooth, or Rahu is in the hell is his passion. Who would become his spiritual liberation of Buddha in the Buddhist landscape to set their own passion into the mouth of the devil. The settlement came before me to walk over to meet with Rahu in the left hand. The king of death is right. On the crest of the bridge consists of 16 different monsters to swallow their own means of 8 to 16 Aupkiels then the center of the bridge to Mount Meru, which is the existence of angels. Below is a swimming pool. Sitandr ocean. The heavens are the heavens with 6 floors 6 through 16 and the walk down to the prom with the lotus flower nectar 16 around the temple. The largest flower 4 flowers on the side of the church. The noble facade of the enlightened ruler 4 He was Skitacami Onacami and the Enlightened Buddha. The disciples should pray to the altar.

South Thailand People


The Southern Tai People

  • The Southern Tai have a distinct dialect which was developed around the Nakhon Si Thammarat area in the 13th century. No one is certain when these people first left China and came to the Peninsula. Some scholars suggest it was during the 10th century. On arrival they then mixed with the Mon, Malay, Neritoes and Khmer peoples.
  • The language group for the Southern Tai is Tai Southwestern and their alternative group names are Pak Tai and Dambro . They number in excess of 5 million and live in the Southern Provinces of Pattini, Satun, Chumphon, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Phuket, Krabi, Phangnga, Ranong, Trang, Surat Thani, Songhkla and Phatthalung.

Amari Spaパッケージ






King Naresuan of Ayutthaya [ 1555 ]

  • Naresuan was born in Phitsanulok City on 25 April 1555 and was the son of a future King of Ayutthaya, King Sanpet 1 [ 1569 ]. At the time Phisanulok was the capital city of the Ayutthaya Kingdom.

I ran across the flood.

The motorists are also frustrated with the flooding from downpours almost every day. To worry about driving through a flooded street, how high these days ... we take good advice when driving in heavy rain and flooding have to leave me.

           The Air Car, when faced with a flooded road. Remember that no air is strictly prohibited. If the air fan is running. It will blow the water on the road throughout the cabin and the engine is off. Also, be aware of the garbage floating on the water will not damage the fan motor or blade. The break in the engine cooling system as well.

            My water level is roughly the height of the suspension that can drive a new car if I can wade through water is approximately 50-10 cm above the water, but if it should seek to use alternative routes rather than risk the water. to exhaust. And a central fire.

           Use low gear for manual transmission. Use approximately 2 parts, gear, gear to gear L and driving at speeds as low as possible. Using a uniform speed. The rest of the party for about 1,500 revolutions per minute.

            Do not be afraid to accelerate it, then turn off. It is believed that the fact of acceleration. The car has a higher heat. When the machine is heating up. The cooling fan will run. Wave of water that is pushed forward, it could spill back into the cabin.

           Slow down when going to the park with the car because otherwise it becomes a wave, the wave This led to clashes between our car and the car ran from the park. Water damage can cause damage to internal components.

            Do not stop the engine immediately upon arrival to park it for a while so the water could remain in the boiler room exhaust air out.

              Alengm for repeated brake gear. To reiterate to the braking of the brake system Alengm. The transmission is a repeat clutch to clutch slip.

More than just flower power


The International Horticultural Exposition returns to Chiang Mai next month and it promises to be an amazing showcase of gardens from around the world.

We all know Chiang Mai is the best winter destination, where we chill out in the mild breeze, admire the blue sky and inhale the fragrance of beautiful blooms. This year, it will be even more tempting, as the "Rose of Lanna" is putting on the International Horticultural Exposition: Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2011 from November 9 to February 15.


Bangkok should have escaped the threat of being flooded, as water travelling southwards has passed its peak while preventive measures are in place and dykes around the city and along the Chao Phraya River are intact, a senior Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) official said yesterday.

"We are quite sure that Bangkok can be saved from flooding, after monitoring tide reports last week with the Department of Royal Irrigation [RID], and finding out that the influx of water travelling through many Central provinces has passed its peak, and the water volume in the Chao Phraya is 4,000 cubic metres per second, far under a critical level," said Narong Jirasappakunakorn, director for the drainage information system division of the BMA's Department of Drainage and Sewerage.

"I can assure you of that. It's not worrying. I guarantee it," he added.

On Bangkok's west, Sala Thammasop Road will act as a barrier if dykes beyond it collapse, or are destroyed by disgruntled flood victims, while many canals can accommodate water from the Tha Chin River. "This is one example of a Plan B we have," he added. Meanwhile a primary mechanism, dubbed Plan A, such as continuing drainage and existing concrete or reinforced sandbag dykes, is intact.

In case Plan B is compromised, water can still be conveyed southwards to a royally initiated catchment area in Samut Sakhon's Mahachai area connecting southern Bangkok.

From the north, water travelling along the Chao Phraya River flows down Rangsit Canal in Pathum Thani, and in case of overflow, runs into nearby Prem Prachakorn canal, to be blocked by a major road that doubles as a barrier.



Medical care and advice to a foot. Major problem with flooding

  Medical health care for people affected by floods. The foot of water is a major problem. Not to be overlooked by focusing on knowledge about how to care for and protect it properly.

Dr. Rawat Department of renowned medical doctors in many areas that suffered flooding. As a result, people living in those areas are exposed to various diseases due to water carried waste, dirt, germs and chemicals, the spread is wide, which is a major problem occurred with the flood. Especially those who have to walk toward the water. Or immersed in water up to a foot of water is vulnerable to germs that enter the body easily with water.

A foot of water and divided into two levels.

Level 1 foot of water during this period. The fungi. It's just irritation from moisture. And dirt in the water. The red, itchy and burning the foot, especially the skin between the toes and the nails and skin inflammation in this class do not have any germs into the wound.

To maintain this level. Use a mix of topical steroids No need to use anti-fungal drugs. Because some drugs can cause skin irritation and burning up. And exposure to dirt in the water to be infected easily.

For that level. Two patients with small lesions of the skin and bacteria into the wound. The red swelling. The pus and pain. Should provide a medical diagnosis and treatment of symptoms of the patient. Incidentally, if you let the disease have a foot long. The tender and moist skin. The fungal infection causes swelling of the corner feet are red. The flaky, white, wet smell and leave a chronic Were embedded in the skin will cure it. Although topical application seems to feel better right away. But often the bacteria remain on your feet damp. The fungus has spread from the ground up as a lost cause and is not cured.



Garnish Ingredients.

Thai Food: Curry.

*. chili curry. 1 / 4 cup.

* 350 grams chicken (cut into small bite).

* Coconut milk 1 1 / 4 cup.

* Basil leaves 1 / 4 cup.

* 2 or eggplants (cut into small pieces).

* Ngmu chicken soup 1 / 2 cup.

* Coconut 2 tablespoons sugar (or regular sugar).

* Fish sauce 3 tbsp.

* Red chili 2 tablets (oblique cut).

* 4 kaffir lime leaves.


Evacuees arrive at TU's shelters


Some 400 Ayutthaya residents moved into a temporary shelter at Thammasat University's Rangsit Campus in Pathum Thani's Khlong Luang district yesterday.

The Kwan Duan (Kon Pom Fai) Ceremony


Kwan, in Thai people's belief, is the spirit existing in their heads and protects them from harm and illness. 

When a baby is one month old, it is considered to be safe as a"mankind's child". Then the Kwan Duan ceremony is held in order to auspiciously bless the child. If the auspicious occasion is determined to be in the morning, it is customary to invite the monks to perform evening chanting in the day before the auspicious day. 

This occasion is also a ceremony for laying down the baby into the cradle. 



Thai Basil Leaves

Horapha, kaphrao, maenglak are varieties of sweet basil. Horapha seems to be the nearest to the sweet basil used in European tomato dishes and Italian pesto. Horapha is used here as a vegetable and for flavouring. Fresh leaves are narrower and often tinged with reddish purple.



Tiger's herb 1 kg.
Granulated sugar 750 grams.
Salt 1 tsp.
5 liters of water (20 Tgwitwg).


Everything blended together set fire to be left cold.
Remove filter waste out 1-2 times.
Immersion in the refrigerator to drink every day

Have a nice day :D


Talee noy

Briefing at sea.

Sea at a freshwater lake. The area of ​​30 square kilometers. Mr. Tung is located in the parish and the parish.
District, Phatthalung Cwnknun at sea. Mrs. Mariam Canal 2 miles long, linking the sea or the sea.
Songkhla Lake is located on the west side of the house at the beach community of approximately 2,000 households on the east coast.
The southern side of the swamp and dense grasses

Community at sea.
Communities around the sea or freshwater fishing lifestyle.

At sea has an average depth of 1.5 meters, as water is abundant freshwater fish species. The sea was less.
Fishing is the main selling fresh fish, salted fish, fish, grilled fish do not have good family people.
Greater amounts of shrimp, fish less Ben seaman must be doing other work instead of selling passenger car.
A car and a pick of the day. Phatthalung city to the sea between the minimum number of 70 units of motorcycles.
I get 200 cars in Chap Number of people at sea in the present invention, the product is different from Krahod.
The media blew hats, bags, shoes, weave mats file a very skilled seaman. The beautiful color patterns can
Email these products to be sold to neighboring provinces. The annual revenue of approximately $ 60 million Krahod that can not be enough.
Must be purchased from the district Chaawd Craig T. province.

North, south, east, or a jungle swamp. There are many types of wood such as wood, white Samet Wan Chik.
Splash Mountain View Erythrina Tineped Zhang smooth pandan water, where there is not any grass to articulate speaker Krahod mice.
Instead of everywhere. It is a resident of the loris monkey musk of a musk Samae Wipe swordfish fishing cats birds.
When about 50 years ago with the 100 wild elephants, crocodiles are abundant now extinct already.

The sea is rich in plants such as lotus, water hyacinth, seaweed, shrimp and fish Hakhohno of birds.
Perfectly with the surrounding dense forests and grass-Pong large bird nest, hiding safely. The rich variety of bird species to 187 species of birds, both resident and migratory birds in season and from one to another.
Teal birds, pelicans cormorants Kabbaw seagull bird flying heron, red bird bird bird Cabแc แkwk.
Birds, bird pepper, bird Aiokgg Tinetiin Ailugm bird bird bird pea signal blabbermouth hawk bird bird bird, white rubber tires, fill the bittern
Birds, birds, buffalo, red, rubber tires, the song birds are most abundant during the months of January through April. There are a hundred others.
The one place.

Birds at sea.
Birds at sea.
A source of various sea birds. Resident bird populations. It is very soon.

Forest habitat for birds have been destroyed. People eat the birds. Is a collection of eggs for the masses.
Buffalo trampling damage to nests and eggs. If left like this, the bird will become extinct like the elephants and crocodiles. To go extinct.
Mr. Pong Leng Yi, former Director General of the Department of Forestry. The position as Head of Wildlife Management. The importance of
Other birds at sea. The process to establish a waterfowl park. When the survey was appropriate.
Has been declared as the Hunting at sea on February 7, 2518, along with the staff.
The total area of ​​the region ban hunting all 457 square kilometers.

Thailand has joined as a party to the Convention on Wetlands is an obligation of the sub-sequence 110.
Contract comes into effect on September 13, 2541, I proposed wetland Kuan Hsien. Hunting Area.
Phatthalung at sea. The wetlands are of international importance (Ramsar si

Bangkok prepared to face deluge: Sukhumbhand

Bangkok Governor Sukhum-bhand Paribatra looked to backtrack yesterday from his vow that the capital could escape massive flooding, saying he never promised the capital would not be inundated.

Thai Cat History (Wichien-Maat)

siamese cats play.jpg

In Thailand this elegant cat is known as the Wichien-Maat which means "moon diamond" or "diamonds and gold". The Wichien-Maat, along with other cats, is named, described and illustrated centuries ago in the "Tamra Maew" book of cat poems transcribed by Martin Clutterbuck in the book Siamese Cats: Legends and Reality (2004).Over the years, the Wichien-Maat has stayed true to its original breeding, which is still seen today in Thailand, and it remains a popular cat.

Starting in the late 1800s, the Wichien-Maat was first imported to the West, starting with England, and the cats became known as "Siamese" or the "Royal Cat of Siam", after the name of the ruling dynasty in Thailand at that time. Cat fanciers were impressed with the graceful, "marten-faced" cats so very different from the cobby, rounder native breeds and longhairs. Western breeders wanted to emphasize and augment the qualities that made the cats so different and through selective breeding, they developed an increasingly elongated, angular, finer-boned type of Siamese. This "modern" or "show-style" type of Siamese dominated in the show halls beginning in the latter half of the 20th century. As the new look increased in popularity, some breeders in England, Europe, and North America continued to preserve the look of the old-style Siamese first imported, and the cat still commonly seen today in Thailand as the Wichien-Maat.


Chulalongkorn's memorial day

Phra Bat Somdet Phra Poramintharamaha Chulalongkorn Phra Chunla Chom Klao Chao Yu Hua or Rama V (20 September 1853-23 October 1910) was the fifth monarch of Siam under the House of Chakri. He was known to the Siamese of his time as Prha Phuttha Chao Luang. He is consicered one of the greatest kings of Siam. His reign was characterized by the modernization of Siam, immense government and social reforms, and territotial cessons to the British Empire and French Indochina. As Siam was threatened by Western expansionism, Chulalongkorn, through his policies and acts, managed to save Siam from being colonized. All his reforms were decicated to Siam's insurance of survival in the midst of Western colonialisn, so that Chulalongkorn earned the epithet Phra Piya Maharat.

Songkran Festival


The Songkran festival

The date of the festival was originally set by astrological calculation, but it is now fixed. If these days fall on a weekend, the missed days off are taken on the weekdays immediately following. If they fall in the middle of the week, many Thai take off from the previous Friday until the following Monday. Songkran falls in the hottest time of the year in Thailand, at the end of the dry season. Until 1888 the Thai New Year was the beginning of the year in Thailand; thereafter 1 April was used until 1940. 1 January is now the beginning of the year. The traditional Thai New Year has been a national holiday since then.

Oct 16-18 critical for capital !!


Wider and worse levels of flooding in store as huge volumes of water head towards provinces

Residents of many provinces face imminent flooding - or the worsening of existing flooding - as massive amounts of water move towards their areas from parts further north. The run-off water is set to reach Bangkok between October 16 and 18, which is also the high-tide period.

Nam Phrik


All Thais love Nam phrik or chilli dip. With variations, it is eaten in every area and every house as it is the tastiest and least expensive accompaniment to a Thai rice meal. 

flood donation

Information for flood donation 

 Ruam Jai Chuay Phai Nam Tuam (The Heartfelt Help for Flood Victims Project)

Bank: Krung Thai Bank, Nana Nua Branch

Account Number: 000-033000-0

Contributions in the form of food, supplies and goods can be made at:

- Krung Thai Bank, all branches within Bangkok and surrounding provinces

- The Post Publishing Company Limited
136 Na Ranong Road, Sunthorn Kosa, Klong Toey, Bangkok

- All Centara Hotels & Resorts throughout the country

for more information click the link below

Tha Pom Klong.

Tha Pom Klong river is a short length of about 5 km out of a puddle of water springing on him the Buddha. Water flows through the forest before flowing into the Andaman Sea. Tha Pom Klong by the junction of fresh water and salt it. I support the high sea. No fresh water in the canal when it becomes brackish water, fresh water from upstream forests to push out into the sea. Sunday's runoff to the stream swamp. The effect is. The marine and fresh water flow into the confluence area of approximately 300 acres of the ecosystem around that I wonder because it dented the two water also causes the confluence of three wild like never seen before, with the mangroves. Phang Ka mangrove plants is not random. Living with apple juice. Swamp forest in harmony. The Lao Chaoon. Tropical rain forest.
Klong Tha Pom or two of water canals. This canal water around the glass. Emerald green eyes. Because there is a solution of lime or calcium carbonate, carbon and sulfur mixed in with a lot. The areas with high biodiversity. The freshwater swamp forest ecosystem. In a forest and mangrove wetlands. It is home to both freshwater and brackish water.

Tha Pom Klong.

Tha Pom Klong.

Tha Pom Klong two water



Chiang Mai Flower Festival


 The festival is held in Nong Buak Hat Park, at the foot of Nawarat Bridge and Khuang Pratu Tha Pae area. The highlight of the festival is the car parade of which each car is colourfully decorated with flowers at their best to win the competition. The street along the parade is decorated with plants and flowers, an ideal for photo hunters. Flower exhibition, beauty pageant, local product stalls are included in the festival as well as music performance to entertain the audience. The festival is held every year at around the first week of February.

Have fun :D




Thai Bangkaew Dog


The Thai Bangkaew Dog is an Asian dog breed. It is a medium-sized Spitz-type dog.


The Thai Bangkaew Dog is compactly built and square in profile. It is well proportioned, with a smooth gait. The double coat consists of a short undercoat, with longer guard hairs growing through it forming the outer coat. The coat is thicker and longer around the neck, chest, and back forming a lion-like ruff, which is more noticeable on dogs than on bitches. The plumed tail is carried with moderate upward curve over the back. The TBD comes in white with shades of red, gray, brown, and black in a wide variety of patterns.


The Fine Arts Department yesterday expressed concern that ancient stucco wall decorations and murals at the Lai Temple in heavily inundated Lop Buri will fade if they are submerged in flood water for too long.

Thailand International Airport


Suvarnabhumi International Airport
Suvarnabhumi Airport Project is a national priority of the government and is designated to be the aviation hub in Southeast Asian region. Since Bangkok International Airport (BIA) has restrictive development to accommodate the air traffic growth in the future, which is estimated to be up to 58 million passengers per year in 2008 while the full-scale development of provided plot of land at Nong Ngu Hao with its capacity to accommodate 45 million passenger per year, 76 flights per hour and 3 million tons of cargo per year.


With the establishment of the domestic postal service, Thailand issued her first postage stamp on 4 August 1883; 43 years after "Penny Black" the world's first prepaid adhesive postage stamps appeared in England.
Mango and sticky rice is one of the most popular Thai desserts. It is a traditional summer dessert because mangoes are in season during the summer months of April and May. 

I you wonder to can we make this delicious dessert. Here's the recipe.

just follow the link below 

タイを味わおう! カレー