Thailand's Got Talent Season2

Thailand's Got Talent Season II by Rexona comes back again in top form under new theme, "Daring is Winning" More exciting and greater than ever...Confirmed !

Bangkok, 27 September 2011 : The successful Thailand's Got Talent Season I marked a new chapter for the Thai entertainment TV industry as it was the most talked about show during its airing period, March - May 2011. Unilever today is poised to bring back the spectacular TV program to entertain Thai audience. Thailand's Got Talent Season II highlights Rexona as an official sponsor and it supports all daring efforts under the new slogan, "Daring is Winning". Workpoint will deliver an even greater production, airing the program on Channel 3 in early-2012. Applications will be open to Thai people who have talent and courage to showcase their skills this October.

The senior leaders of the three official partners that support Thailand's Got Talent Season II by Rexona Daring is Winning including Mr. Bauke Rouwers of Unilever, Mr. Prawit Maleenont of Channel 3 and Mr. Panya Nirunkul, CEO of Workpoint Entertainment Plc, have reaffirmed that the 2nd season will be more exciting, fun and greater.

Mr. Bauke Rouwers, Chairman of Unilever Thailand stated, "Unilever first delivered Thailand's Got Talent to reach the Thai audience nationwide last March and it received tremendous positive consumer acceptance, making it the favorite entertainment TV program during its airing period. Many contestants have been successfully recognized for their outstanding performances. We are very pleased and glad to bring Thai talent to the world's attention. This year, we will bring Thailand's Got Talent to the Thai audience again. In the second season, Rexona brand will be the main sponsor, as the 'Daring is Winning' is the new slogan for Thailand's Got Talent Season II, with Rexona as a main sponsor to always support every daring talent. We have a strong belief that the greatest victory is the courage of the heart to overcome fear. It's the courage to cross over a fine line between fears and dare. Dare to do what you love, dare to be different, dare to shine with confidence. Make the world know who you really are with the best of your talent to win a victory from Thailand's Got Talent, and more importantly, to win a victory of your heart! Rexona respects and support those courageous ones, because we do believe that if you dare, you are already half way to winning.

The winner will receive a set of valuable prizes worth 10 million baht in total, including an automobile, a condominium and 5 million baht in cash. In Season II, more prizes will also be provided for the first runner-up and all finalists. The total value of this year's prizes is more than 12 million baht." added Mr. Bauke

Mr. Prawit Maleenont, Managing Director of Bangkok Entertainment Ltd. said, "Through the unique collaboration between Channel 3 and Unilever, Thailand's Got Talent Season 1 was broadcast on Sunday evenings, the prime time during which we wanted to create a happy moment for all Thai people. In the forthcoming season, we will provide the best airing period for the program. We believe that the Season II contest will be more colorful, intensive, popular and successful than the 1st season."


According to Mr. Panya Nirunkul, CEO of Workpoint Entertainment Plc, "We are very delighted with the popularity and success of Thailand's Got Talent Season I. This year, we are once again appointed by Unilever as the producer of Thailand's Got Talent Season II by Rexona, Daring is Winning. Production of the program will be even greater as it is manned by a group of over 500 skilled professionals. Preparations are well underway in all operating procedures ranging from regional precasting, audition, semifinal and championship rounds. Krit and Nake are still the hosts. The judging panel is comprised of Benz, Pinyo and a new member who will be publicly announced to excite Thai viewers soon. The new season of Thailand's Got Talent is expected to deliver more comprehensive entertainment and passion to the Thai audience and it is believed to be greater than last year."

The Thailand's Got Talent Season II by Rexona, Daring is Winning hosts, Krit Sriphumseth and Nake-Ketusepswasdi Palakawong na Ayudhaya, will keep things fun and lively during the program. The core members of the judging panel are Benz Pornchita Na Songkla and Pinyo Rutham and a new sharp-tongued judge will be announced to surprise the audience shortly.

Unilever is poised to make the program more exciting and lively than last year. Cash prizes include 100,000 baht cash for each semi-finalist; 30,000 baht cash for each finalist; 200,000 baht cash for the 2nd runner-up and 500,000 baht cash for the 1st runner-up. The ultimate winner of Thailand's Got Talent Season II will receive 5 million baht in cash plus a condominium and a car, all of which are valued at 10 million baht in total. The votes cast will be well managed to be fully transparent.

If you think you have courage and talent, you can dare to step out of your home and show off your talent in the precasting round that will be held in all regions nationwide, as follows; the northeastern region : between February 4-5, 2012 at Charoenthani Princess Hotel, Khonkean; the northern region : between February 11-12, 2012 at Kad Suan Kaew, Chiang Mai; Bangkok and the central region : between February 17-19, 2012 at MCC Hall, The Mall Bangkapi and the southern region : between December February 25-26, 2012 at the International Convention Center in Celebration of HM the King's 60th Accession to the Throne, Prince of Songkhla University Don't forget that "Daring is Winning". More information about the program details and application form are available at


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