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Fruit Carving in Thailand


Thai cuisine involves the balancing of contrasting flavours, spicy and subtle, sweet and sharp. It is also concerned with aesthetic vaiues for the Thais believe that food should please the eye as well as the palate.                                                                                                                  


Mangosteen (. English. : Mangosteen). a science. : Garcinia. mangostana Linn. The trees do not shed leaves in hot one. Believed to have originated in that island Sunda. and islands of Maluku. spread the species to the islands Indies West approximately century 24, then went to Guatemala. Honduras and Panama. Ecuador. to go up to Hawaii in Thailand has grown fruit. for a long time as well. It is mentioned in the rights issue. Ramayana period. Reign 1.

The trees 7-25 m tall oval leaves. Flowers in axillary pairs near the end of branches. The full results are magenta. Calyx green, yellow, attached as a result. The outer shell is quite solid. Juicy white meat in the water. There may be seeds in the fruits. Depending on the size and age of the results. The petals of the meat is equal to the number of petals on the bottom of the shell. Sweet and sour fruit flavors like strawberry's immature berries or sweet orange. Seeds can be eaten.

Mangosteen is a fruit from Asia that has been very popular. Mangosteen has been called. "Queen of fruits" may be due to the appearance of the calyx attached. The crown of the Queen's Hawkagw of the meat in a clean white. The sweet taste. The fruit taste is hard to find another match. [1]. [2]. are now being grown and sold on the island, some islands in the Hawaiian Islands. The plants must be grown in warm weather. If temperature drops below 4 ° C will cause the plants die.


Mangosteen Mangosteen.

Mangosteen fruit.
Mangosteen fruit.


Rambutan (. English. : Rambutan; scientific name. : Nephelium. lappaccum Linn.) is a tropical fruit native to the country Indonesia. and Malaysia. is generally minimal. The fruit trees are growing well. In areas with high humidity. Rambutan in Thailand. The growing popularity in the region. Eastern and southern species such as golden seed varieties, pink rock candy varieties high school. But species and varieties of rambutan Eh๊a the popular varieties grown commercially are only three varieties were the school colors, gold and pink varieties. The other varieties are grown somewhat sporadic and often used for household consumption. Or use. To academic studies. [1]. In the past year. The major producing and exporting countries are Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. But the producing countries such as Australia and Honduras has had its share of the market. [2]. add more.
The rambutan.
The rambutan.


Durian is. wood results in family cotton (Malvaceae) in currency. durian. (Durio). [second]. [one]. (even if the taxa are classified in the family fruit. (Durionaceae) matter. [1]. ) is a fruit which is known as the king of fruits . [3] [4]. [5]. The fruit is large and covered with spines, hard shell. There may be up to 30 cm long and may have diameter and 15 cm long, weighing 1-3 kg, the results are generally oval to round. Bark green to brown. A pale yellow to red meat. Vary according species.

Durian is a fruit that has a unique smell. It consists of a mixture of volatile compounds by S. Terry. ketones. and sulfide , some people say that durian smell. While some people say that the severity to the nauseating smell. The durian is not allowed into the hotel and public transport in Southeast Asia. durian fruits have sugar high. It is rich in sulfur and fat is not good for patients. diabetes.

Durian is a native of Brunei. Indonesia. and Malaysia. and is known in the West for about 600 years ago in Century 19's. Natural. 's. England Alfred Russell Wallace. to describe the fruit that "It's like the texture of the custard with a great deal. Taste like almonds, "eat the flesh of the fruit is unripe or ripe for a wide range in Southeast Asia, the durian has made so many. Both savory and sweet foods. Even the seeds are also edible when cooked.


Owoce Durian.jpg.

Kluay กล้วย (Banana)

Do you like Banana ?? Thai people not only have banana as a fruit we also 
make them to many kinds of deserts.   

Bananas are available all year round. The most common varieties grown in Thailand are:

Noi Naa (น้อยหน่า)


Yesterday I went to the market and saw a huge basket full with Noi Naa inside. They made me wonder if you guys know what is Noi Naa??