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Palembang (UR): The role supporters play in a team's victory cannot be ignored.

Supporters have various ways in cheering on their athletes to win.

Three Thai supporters came up with a novel move when the Thai women's volleyball team took on Vietnam at the PalembangSport and Convention Center at the 26th SEA Games on Saturday.

They entered the venue beating drums and continued for the duration of the match.

One was dressed in a traditional golden tavada. The Thai flag was conspicuously visible.

Other spectators did not seem perturbed by these fans, and instead welcomed the entertaining sight.

The three Thai fans became instant celebrities, with photographers turning their cameras on them.

Their cheerleading efforts seem to pay off as Thailand beat their opponents 25-17, 25-11, 25-21. (UR-2)

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Medal Tally For 26th SEA Games Jakarta-Palembang 2011  

Enjoy the games!

Jakarta (UR) - Thailand's athletes put in dominant performance while Indonesia's were dashed in the semifinals of the fencing event at the 26th SEA Games at the University of Indonesia on Monday.

The gold medal in the men's foil was won by Panchan Nontapat in an all-Thai final against Sri Tang-OrnRahardjo Sinatrio of Indonesia had to settle for bronze alongside Malaysia's Iskandar.

TranThi Lenof Vietnam won the women's epée, beating Sri Idarof Indonesia in the final.

 The bronze medal went to Singapore's Melbye Ann Karin and Thailand's Tahamwong Wijit.

Sri Ida broke into tears after her loss. "I'm sad that I lost the gold medal. I was optimistic about winning gold medal. This was a lesson for me," She said Sri Idar.

Indonesian fencing coach Edi Suwarto admitted that his team was still weak. "Their skills and physical conditioning are good, but they lack mental strength," he said.


Thai Premier League


  Many of you may not know the fact that football is the the Thais' most favorite sport. Unfortunately, Thai football had always been neglected until recently it becomes more and more popular among Thai people.  


PTT Thailand Open


It's just 27 days until the 9th PTT Thailand Open, a professional tennis tournament where many talented players meet. 

The tournament will be held again at Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok from Saturday 24, September- Sunday 2, October 2011. The total prize money is US$ 644,500.